Courier Mail 29 June 2007 - "Road protest set for lift-off"- Lachlan Heywood,23739,21986664-5003406,00.htm...

"A FEDERAL Liberal MP will ask constituents to fund aerial mapping of the entire Brisbane valley to develop an alternate route for a western bypass."

"There is a very real danger at the moment of a massive freeway running through the western suburbs," Mr Johnson said. "Most people are totally aware of it."

"He said aerial mapping would allow the community to develop a more acceptable route farther from the city."

Qld Government launches Western Brisbane Transport Network Investigation website

The Queensland Government has established a website specifically for the Western Brisbane Transport Network Investigation -

Ministerial Media Statement 5 June 2007 - Residents to have input into Western Brisbane transport study

"The State Government will distribute more than 1.2 million newsletters to South East Queensland households about the Western Brisbane Transport Network Investigation, Minister for Transport and Main Roads Paul Lucas said today."

WBBAG goes to Canberra to push for study of alternative route

On 29 May 2007, members from the Western Brisbane Bypass Action Group (WBBAG), REPA and The Gap Community joined Dr Bruce Flegg (State Member for Moggill), Mr Michael Johnson (Federal Member for Ryan) and Mr Cameron Thompson (Federal Member for Blair) on a trip to Canberra to meet with Commonwealth Roads Minister Jim Lloyd. These parties were united in a quest to get the Federal Government to fund a study of an alternative route for a Western Brisbane Bypass along the Brisbane Valley.

Flegg and Johnson lobby on bypass proposals

"Dr Flegg and Mr Johnson have organised meetings with Commonwealth Ministers to raise local concerns about the preferred Beattie bypass option which will divide communities in the western suburbs."

“The road under study by the Beattie Government is not one that deals with commuter traffic or congestion to Brisbane. It is one that deals with allowing traffic, particularly heavy traffic, to bypass Brisbane streets."

Commonwealth Government supports local residents in opposing western Brisbane bypass

"Dr Flegg said his and Mr Johnson’s delegation to Mr Lloyd, which included representatives of local community groups, advised Mr Lloyd the Beattie proposal would impact of tens of thousand of residents in the western suburbs who are being threatened with a major new highway through their homes."

612 ABC Brisbane 29 May 2007 - "Flegg takes bypass concerns to Canberra"

Audio of interview Madonna King, Bruce Flegg and Paul Lucas:

"Queensland Liberal leader Bruce Flegg is travelling to Canberra today to raise concerns about a proposed inner-western ring road in Brisbane."

612 ABC Brisbane 29 May 2007 - "Qld Govt denies bypass study is secret"

"Queensland Transport Minister Paul Lucas says there has been no decision on the route of any future inner-western ring road in Brisbane."

"Liberal leader Bruce Flegg says residents are concerned about the route the bypass could take and has gone to Canberra today to speak with the Federal Government about it."

7 News Covers the Western Brisbane Bypass

Channel 7 News put the Western Brisbane Bypass in the spotlight tonight with a short story highlighting the concerns of residents and canvasing comments from various community and political groups. The interest generated has been huge and the Western Bypass Action Group website has been caught in the frenzy.

WBBAG proves popular at the Brookfield Show

WBBAG would like to thank all the people who stopped by the REPA/WBBAG stand at the Brookfield Show to have a chat about the Western Brisbane Bypass. The reaction and generosity of the community exceeded our highest expectations. We signed on a lot of new members and received donations that will help us in generating awareness of the bypass and its surrounding issues. It was a great chance to share our knowledge with the community and to clear up many of the common misunderstandings regarding the bypass. The stand filled beyond capacity with the arrival of Channel 7 on Saturday afternoon.