Courier Mail 28-29 April 2007 - "No Bypass to this problem" - Craig Johnstone,23739,21631720-5007200,00.html

The Courier Mail's Craig Johnstone writes about how the Government has very quietly revived a 20 year old proposal to establish a western bypass to get around the transport issues of Brisbane's western and north-western suburbs.

He states:

"The study will make clear the 'strategic fit" of two firm options for a western bypass - one that follows the corridor now occupied by the Brisbane Valley Highway and the other, far more controversial option that envisages a corridor running just to the west of Mt Coot-tha between Brookfield and The Gap".

The article discusses how this bypass, if the later option is selected, will be one of the most controversial roads "likely to create a tornado of local anger, the likes of which the Government would not have seen since the days of the old Route 20 protests in the mid-1980s." It also states the strong opposition of the later option by Liberal leader Bruce Flegg and Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman.

Johnstone states that although the bypass has been around for decades, the Soorley led Brisbane City Council incorporated the bypass into a 2002 transport plan for the city.

He also raises the concerns of The Gap Community Association especially with the reservation of land to the north of The Gap for a four-land major road.

Towards the end of the article, Johnstone states that the RACQ supports a western bypass but not through the Brisbane Valley Highway.