May WBTNI CLG South meeting notes

Capping off a very busy month for the WBTNI we have had our latest CLG meeting. A lot was covered and we will try to keep to the most important points. First and foremost there is only one more CLG meeting before the WBTNI hands down it's preferred strategy. There is also a feedback deadline of the 31st of May for the public to comment on the options they have presented (extended from the 26th). Please read on for the details of each of these issues and topics that are relevant when preparing feedback for the WBTNI.

As we almost all know by now, the WBTNI has dropped the two Western Bypass options. The decision to do this was a top down decision based on information that the WBTNI was feeding back to the government. Option 1 and Option 2 as they are now known were coming up short in many areas. They were both very expensive options and provided little contribution to the transport network, in that they would not attract a high volume of usage or reduce traffic congestion significantly. The bypass options did not lend themselves well to public transport solutions (a requirement specified by the WBTNI terms of reference). Also, they did not fit well with the South East Queensland Regional Plan and it's land use policies. Based on this feedback the Government requested the WBTNI to remove the two bypass options, even though the WBTNI was fully prepared to present these options as part of the complete 17 options.

The fallout from this decision is the the WBTNI community consultation period has been reduced. There was to be a "Draft Strategies" stage which would allow for further feedback. This has been removed and the WBTNI will move straight to their preferred strategy after the current options phase. This means that it is more important than ever to comment on the WBTNI options now.

The WBTNI has released more information on each of the options on their publications page. An important note is that the WBTNI's active transport options are not actually part of the options, but a separate document that covers the whole investigation area. It includes several green bridges and other active transport options.

The WBTNI is currently asking for feedback on the presented options. Some of the issues that will help to influence the investigation are:

  • Which options do you like and why ?
  • Which options are you concerned about and why ?
  • Which options would you consider high/low priority in terms of implementation (ie., which options should be implemented first).
  • How do you feel about reclaiming road space for public transport (ie., bus lanes, T3 lanes and so on).
  • Is there any information you feel you need to better understand the options ?
  • Fill in the Online Survey with attention to the above issues.

The next and final CLG meeting will be on Tuesday the 3rd of June. Please feel free to ask questions or pass on concerns for us to take to this meeting, or, to take to the WBTNI beforehand.