WBTNI April 2008 Options

The WBTNI has just released information on the seventeen options it is considering. Before we get into any detail, this is what the WBTNI want you to know:

"No decision has been made as to whether any of these corridor options or combinations are required at this time. If an option is required, further work on its social, environmental, engineering, economic feasibility including government affordability would need to be undertaken along with community consultation. Any proposed option could only proceed if the government’s environmental impact management requirements are met."

"No routes have been determined – the lines on maps do not represent specific routes."

What we have provided here is an interactive map that tries to provide a slightly more viewable version of the WBTNIs large map. It is important to remember that everything here is approximate, and that no route has been determined in any of the options.

All seventeen options from the WBTNI have been included and we have made the colours similar to aide in cross-referencing. That is, blue for road options, green for tunnel options and orange for public transport options. If you want to know more information about an option, click the information icons. "i" for road/tunnel options, a small bus for public transport options and a train for rail options. Each information icon for an option contains links to more details on the WBTNI website for that option. Information such as why it is being considered, what is being considered and other statistical and general information about the option. We have also added the timeframe information to each informational icon, just click on them to see the information and detailed links. You can also click on lines representing the option to see the same information.

Most of the options below are fairly singular, however, there is a lot of confusion over the Moggill Pocket sub-arterial, a portion of which is also known as the "Kenmore Bypass". It is quite possible for the WBTNI to recommend only using the Kenmore Bypass portion of the preserved corridor. The WBTNIs charter requires them to investigate fully, the use of all preserved corridors. It is up to the community to ensure these corridors are used for our benefit by providing feedback to the investigation.

When navigating the map below use the arrows and the slider to pan/zoom, or grab the map with the mouse and drag it to change the view. Look at the Map/Satellite/Hybrid and Terrain views to see the options in a different light.

Toowong to Everton Park

The new proposed tunnel Toowong to Everton Park...by the State Government makes no sense....I cannot see this as a valid option to redirect trafic or stop congestion on the Western Fwy. Traffic will still back up as it slows to go into the tunnel at the toowong roundabout. Not to mention the tunnel going under areas of Bardon, Auchenflower, Paddington, Ashgrove etc. and what about the environmental impact ..smoke stacks etc near some of Brisbanes fine schools..Rainworth Primary Oakleigh State, Marist Brothers at Ashgrove. Traffic needs to be re routed way before Brisbane. Why direct traffic along the Western Fwy only to ferry it underground further north... They talk about resuming housing...that is the last thing Brisbane needs!