Commonwealth Government supports local residents in opposing western Brisbane bypass

"Dr Flegg said his and Mr Johnson’s delegation to Mr Lloyd, which included representatives of local community groups, advised Mr Lloyd the Beattie proposal would impact of tens of thousand of residents in the western suburbs who are being threatened with a major new highway through their homes."

"These communities have been told nothing. Most people would not even know what is being studied for their local area."

"The delegation explained to Mr Lloyd that the option being considered by the Beattie Government was not the best route for a western bypass of Brisbane. A route through the Brisbane Valley which would form a true bypass of Brisbane for heavy traffic heading north, was identified as an option that needs to be seriously considered."

"Mr Lloyd gave us an undertaking that he would not provide any funding towards the Beattie Government’s $17 million study unless it considered all options for a western Brisbane bypass."

"The Minister also indicated he would examine the possibility of the Brisbane Valley option for a bypass of Brisbane."