7 News Covers the Western Brisbane Bypass

Channel 7 News put the Western Brisbane Bypass in the spotlight tonight with a short story highlighting the concerns of residents and canvasing comments from various community and political groups. The interest generated has been huge and the Western Bypass Action Group website has been caught in the frenzy.

This story follows up from the 7 News interviews at the Brookfield Show and was aired in the prime time slot at 6:00pm. The story was favourable towards the concerned residents and covered the lack of information, along with comments from Campbell Newman, Paul Lucas and RACQ. Campbell Newman restated his opposition to a bypass option through the inner western suburbs. Paul Lucas played down the current level of the investigations and the RACQ confirmed their firm support for a Brisbane Ring-Road.

In summary, the government stated that it will involve the community, starting in June, but will not make details of any proposed routes or affected suburbs available until January 2008.

I'm sorry to say i agree

I'm sorry to say i agree with the western bypass. As someone who travels on th Ipswich motoway daily i know that 70% of the states frieght traffic goes on the ipswich motoway.

Why because its the only main road linking NT, NSW's highways to brisbane. Most of the frieght is heading north but they have to go on the ipswich motoway to get around.

The western bypass will take alot of UNNEEDED traffic (ie trucks etc)off the ipswich motoway therefor making it safer for the hundreds of thousands living out this way.

I'm sorry but if a few people/suburbs have to suffer to help the greater majority so be it.

Ipswich Motorway Heavy Transport

There is no doubt that the Ipswich Motorway has suffered from a severe lack of funding and Political handballing over the past decade. Much of the added traffic conjestion on Moggill Road is due to gridlock on the Ipswich Motorway. The fact however remains that the greater majority of heavy transport travelling along the Ipswich Motorway is heading towards Warehouses located in Industrial suburbs like Rocklea & Acacia Ridge and the Port of Brisbane via the Logan Motorway and to other Industrial locations in Brisbanes Trade Coast. Very few heavy vehicles carrying goods would want to travel from Sydney and Melbourne direct to the Northern outskirts of Brisbane.

Most people would agree

I don't think anyone is objecting to a Western Bypass, only to one that is routed through the inner western suburbs. Many of the politicians and stake holders actively support a Western Bypass that follows the Brisbane Valley Highway. If the issues, as you say, are heavy traffic moving north, then the Brisbane Valley Highway option will most certainly be acceptable.

The inner western suburbs that would be affected by these proposals are already facing severe traffic problems and are calling for the same kind of traffic relief that you seek as a commuter on the Ipswich Motorway. Diverting traffic from the Ipswich Motorway into the Western Suburbs will only make a bad situation worse.

I am sorry you have to commute on the Ipswich Motorway, but moving that problem into some else's backyard doesn't make it go away.