ABC News Online 28 April 2007 - Qld MP to lobby for alternative Brisbane ring-road

"My suggestion is that the Federal Government would do a proposal into the feasibility of an outer ring-road that would really flow from the Warrego Highway along the Brisbane valley and across the front of the Wivenhoe Dam," said Michael Johnston.

"It is not populated, it hasn't been built up, and so really it's the ideal location as opposed to the State Government one that would really carve the western suburbs."

Michael Johnson enabled Bypass to slice through Western Suburbs

Through his support of the Goodna Bypass to cut through Moggill, Michael Johnson has enabled the proposed Western Bypass to cut accross Moggill, Anstead, Pullenvale, Brookfield, The Gap and out to Samford. The Goodna Bypass provides the river crossings at Moggill for this Western Bypass route. Maunsell engineers admit that the on and off ramps can be built at Moggill when required. This will allow trucks to roll into the Western suburbs from the Cunningham and Warrego highways to go North or to return from the North.

Michael Johnson completely failed to represent his electorate on the Goodna Bypass. He failed to attend a single meeting organised by his community to discuss the issue. He failed to attend the debate on the Goodna Bypass in Federal parliament, when other MPs from the SE QLD region put their views. See Hansard 26th March 2007 pages 54-62
Mr. Johnson did not hold his own information meeting until May 2007 after the Goodna Bypass deal was completely sealed, even though it was first proposed by his party before the 2004 election.

Michael Johnson's representation has been weak, disgraceful and mocked in Federal parliament: "the member for Ryan will not come in here because he does not have the courage to stand up to his colleagues, the member for Moreton and the member for Blair." p62

Mr. Johnson's comments supporting an outer route for the Western bypass are too little too late, having supported the river crossings to enable an inner route through the suburbs. It is doubtful that anyone in the Liberal Party will listen to his representation.

At this point the best (and possibly only way) to prevent a Western Bypass through the Western suburbs is to stop the Goodna Bypass by voting out the Howard government. A Rudd government has committed to scrap the Goodna Bypass and upgrade the Ipswich Motorway.